4 Best Design Tips for Your Living Room


The living room is the one of the most important part of a home. It is where we spend time with our loved ones and family. The living room is the entrance to the rest of the house, making it necessary for us to make this space cozy, comfortable and beautiful to look at. Living room designs and home décor have changed over the past years.

Living room

Today, we have access to international design styles and plethora of décor options to choose from. As a homeowner, we do not have to make long trips to brick and mortar stores to purchase items to add to our space. We can easily buy all our furniture and home décor online and get them delivered to our doorstep. With so many things made easier for us, there's nothing stopping you from living in your dream home.

There few home décor tips to keep in mind while designing the living space.

Choose a style: The first you will want to do is to choose a style.  Would you like to go a classy traditional look – with cutting edge wooden furniture and monochromatic shades, an aesthetic modern look – by adopting designs and patterns from the infinite color palette or mix things up with a stylish contemporary look?

The golden ratio: One of the easiest tricks in interior design is the 2:3 ratio of proportions. This is known as the golden ratio. For example, this means that the couch would be two-thirds the length of the rug and the coffee table would two-thirds of the couch. This arrangement makes the living room aesthetically pleasing. The golden ratio is adapted by most interior designers. Arrange the room around till it feels right for your home.

Create a focus point: Moving all furniture up against the walls is what most people immediately do. This leaves a lot of open space in the center making the room look too empty and sparse. Rather than moving everything towards the wall, it would look better to choose one of the items such as the coffee table or a bookshelf to be a focal point. Keeping this as the center, design the furniture around this focal point.

Syncing the room: Choose a color palette and try to get all the things in the living room fall within this palette. This will give the room a unified and even look.

With these four simple tricks up your sleeve, you can design your living room to look and feel magical.

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