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Our team's excitement is overflowing as today is launch day! After 5 months of hard work and dedication, we are proud of the products in our inventory. The journey started with finding great suppliers and manufacturers, and discussing how we could work together. Providing a platform for people to discover their products is something we are really thankful for. Additionally, this set up allows us to offer our products at low prices, ensuring that you get the best value.
The second lap of our journey was to provide you with a great shopping experience. All our products have detailed descriptions, specifications, with occasional how to use instructions. We provide all the information, for you to be able to make the perfect choice. It's a bummer for us if you purchase something and it doesn't fit, or it's not your type. We make sure that doesn't happen. Our team is always on standby (live web chat), for any questions you might have, we are delighted to help.
The third lap saw us go to great lengths to ensure you are safe shopping with us. With online credit card identity theft being prevalent today, we had to make certain you are not a victim. We work closely with Stripe to facilitate purchases and they have the highest level of payment card data security. Additionally, our store runs on Shopify platform, trusted by more than 600k merchants worldwide. We feel utmost responsibility when handling your personal and sensitive data, and will continue to stay updated with the latest web security measures. 
And... that's our journey up till today. Words cannot express how excited and grateful we are to be starting this journey with you. We hope our home decor and products will inject warmth and comfort into your home, making it a joyful place to live. Happy shopping, and drop us a hello anytime! 

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